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12 March 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Kanon- Voicha Radio show  
We will post the blog entries in a couple days, we promise!!
But I thought I'd post this up before that!

So on one of the newer entries, they said Kanon is going to have a new Radio corner called "Kanon's non-stop Kyanon".
But before it starts, he appeared as a special guest on the new radio show "Voicha Radio" (on 3/10).
So I translated that interview!!

Go to:

-click on "水"
(because it airs on Wednesdays)

-click on the "聴" button and it will start playing on the side of the page.
If you go about half way into the radio show, Kanon will come in. That's where I started translating from.

Eguchi(guy)=E, Miyazaki(girl)=M, Kanon=K

E: Well then, now we will like to introduce a wonderful guest, from the new corner that will be starting next week, “Kanon’s non-stop Kyanon”
M: ooh
E: Welcome, you wonderful guest!
M: welcome!!
K: Ciao this is Kanon~
M: Ciao
E: welcome~
M: welcome~
K: hello
E: hello
M: hello
E: so, I will introduce Kanon san
M: yes
E: he is the bassist for the band called Antic Café
K: yes
E: and, I’ve actually sung some at karaoke
K: seriously?
M: wow
E: yes
K: wow, I’m so happy
M: you must be pretty happy then
E: yeah, I sing them in the beginning to get the mood riled up. I sing it all the time.
K: wow, seriously?
E: yes
K: thank you very much
E: yes, so I’m pretty nervous right now too
M: yeah
E: you feel this kind of closeness
M: yeah
E: so anyways, are you nervous?
K: I’m so nervous, it’s pretty bad
E: Really? But, Kanon san, you always do lives, right?
K: yes
E: which one is more nerve-racking?
K: when I do lives I’m not this nervous
E: oh, since it is your expertise
M: ah I see. But Kanon-san is an otaku, right?
E: you ask so directly
M: eh? Really? But…
E: well, it’s true. On your profile it says “wandering around AkiOhara” and “wandering around NakaOBroadway”. So if you fill in the circles, it’s not a mistake
M: yes
E: yes
K: yes, once I realized it, I was delving into anime already
M: wow
E: eh? Which one is the oldest anime?
K: um, like Nihon Mukashi Banashi (Old Tales of Japan)
E: oh!
M: oh! That’s nice.
E: me too
M: I like that
E: yeah I was watching that before I went to school and stuff
K: yeah in Nihon Mukashi Banashi they said “Okaa” and stuff
E: how nostalgic
M: that’s nice, you feel closer
E: yeah, it does. Well! Kanon san came to visit us today, but starting next week there will be a show called “Kanon’s non-stop Kyanon”. This show is connected to the Docomo and Au Cellphone game called Pinky Distortion, right?
K: yes it is
E: yes, well about this game. This is a cell-phone game produced by Antic Café’s Kanon. You act as the manager and produce a successful story of a visual-kei band which is centered in Harajuku. The 5 characters on this game are all very different band members, and they vary from a cute boy to a cool handsome type of guy, so you just can’t help yourself from looking at them. We actually have it here, but
M: yes, we actually tried it out ourselves.
E: yes we saw it, but the drawings are really
M: yes they’re so cool
E: they’re so pretty
M: and I think girls will definitely like it
E: yeah, I mean, I want to do this too
M: yeah
E: yes
M: well, actually, don’t you want to guess their voices?
E: oh! Guess? They don’t have voices yet?
K: yes, it’s not decided yet
M: yeah!
E: oh really.
M: what do you think, Eguchi kun?
E: oh really? Oh is there an audition for this or something?
K: yes, we’re actually thinking of making a drama CD, so with the help of Voicha-san,…
M: yes
K: we are able to hold an audition now!
M: oh wow!
E: oh a voice actor audition?
K: yes
E: oh, so I will participate in that too
M: oh yeah, since you’re a voice actor
E: yes, right?
M: um Kanon san, I will like to participate too,
K: oh yes please
M: but is this limited to men only? Is it only boys?
K: no. There’s no gender or age limitation
M: oh it’s ok?
E: oh really?
K: all ages
M: how exciting
E: so as long as the voice matches?
K: yes. Please, please
E: hmm. I want to be the drummer
M: I want to be the keyboard
E: oh really?
M: yes
E: oh, so what kind of game is this?
K: this is a story about a 5 person visual-kei band and the main character girl meeting together, and they go through all kinds of ups and downs, and it’s like a story about their growth, I guess.
E: oh
K: yes
E: are there actual experiences that Kanon san has faced too?
K: oh yes. I did put a little bit of those inside too
M: so is there love in it too?
E: oh, is there?
K: that is…
E: eh? I mean, this is about a manager and a band, right?
M: yeah!
E: it’s about the band and the manager, right?
K: that is a secret
M: oh wow
E: ah that’s a secret, it’s a taboo word
M: oh the player becomes the manager
E: oh, so you’re the manager and you produce them
M: yes
K: but you can imagine all you want about love and stuff.
E: oh I see
K: it’s a two-dimension product, so
E: ah I see. So you can expand it all you want
K: yes
E: and that’s ok
M: but it’s nice, because you can make something together
E: yes, that’s true
M: um, so about the audition. Will Kanon san be there as the judge for the audition too?
K: of course I will
M: oh! So you can meet Kanon san too
K: I will be all sparkly-eyed
E: that’s true. It’s something you’ve liked up until now, so when you can make something on your own it’s all up to your taste. You can make something you like
K: yes. I won’t allow compromise
M: oh wow, how strict! I see…
E: but with all that, if you can make something really fun, it will be so nice. Yes, so if you want more information on the audition, please take a look at Voicha or the internet.
M: yes. Also, don’t you want to hear a little bit about what the new show starting next week will be about?
E: yes
M: yes, can you please tell us?
K: it is a fun corner that everyone can enjoy, and we will also give information about the label I made called Studio Blue-3
M: how exciting
E: Yes. And there will be updates on Pinky Distortion here too, right?
K: yes. And also information about the audition and stuff too
E: oh!
M: oh! So you can’t miss it at all!
E: yes
M: You might have won!
E: yes. If I participate, then I might be there too
M: Yes. I need to work on the keyboard
E: yes, and I’m the same for the drums
M: I will work hard
E: I will work hard. So, sadly the time’s almost up
M: aww, there were more things I wanted to hear
E: yes, so lastly, can we get a message from Kanon san?
K: Ok. Please keep supporting Pinky Distortion as well as Studio Blue-3 and Kanon too. Yes…
E: ok!
M: there was a weird pause there
E: A pause. Well, please don’t care about that part!
M: we won’t care
E: Well then everyone, please be excited for the new show starting next week called “Kanon’s non-stop Kyanon”
M: yes
E: Thank you Kanon san
K: thank you
M: thank you
axia_lawlietaxia_lawliet on March 13th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
oh ! was that !!

last wednesday it was posted in twitter of studioblue3, only can understand some about a radio by internet, but I couldn't understand more..

thank u so much !! ... I will to listen next wednesday..
tilly_07: Gurentilly_07 on March 13th, 2010 08:02 am (UTC)
thank you for this!!!
mutsumiiimutsumiii on March 13th, 2010 08:15 am (UTC)
thanks for the translation!
kanon is so in love haha
snedvig2 on March 13th, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating this! Good luck with this project, Kanon, it sounds like a lot of fun!
daliatsitsiki on March 13th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Dude!! I love you for this!!
nonobewnonobew on March 14th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
kanon is working so hard on his project. I'm always supris to see that he is the member the most active!