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12 February 2010 @ 04:04 pm
MIXI BLOG- 01/31 ~ 02/12 ENTRIES  
Wow, I hadn't been checking the Mixi blogs at all!!
Since we haven't heard from Teruki in a while, I'll translate these before Miku's mobage.

(remember original entries can be found at ancafe_mixiblog!!

31st-Jan-2010 03:30 pm

This is Nagata!

I'm sorry, it's been such a long time since I wrote here m(_ _)m
This is Teruki.

For these past few days, I have actually been at a driver's license training camp. At first I was really lonely, but gradually I'm starting to make some friends. Once you make one friend, the circle just naturally starts to get bigger☆

So anyways as for me, a couple days before I came to this training camp, I went to a drummer's drinking party☆ Before, we had a company-sponsored drummer gathering with all the drummers belonging to that company, but at that time we exchanged numbers, so this time we just got together by ourselves! But, everyone was so busy, so we could only get a couple of people together, but it was: Inazuma-sentai's Hiro-san, The Beat Motors' Kanou-kun, Captain Straydum's Kikuzumi-san, and he only came for half of it because of rehearsal, but UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's Suzuki-san.
The place we had this gathering was actually at Hiro-san's house! (Last time it was in one of the rooms at the company office) One of Hiro-san's ex-bandmate now owns this motsu-nabe shop, and that person gave him all the tools for motsu-nabe and the directions on how to make it, so he invited us...this was so good! (motsu-nabe is a type of hot-pot)

And then we started talking about how Kanou-kun always posts a lot of quizzes on his blog, so then we started a quiz-contest...And that was when an incident occured. The person who says the question is Hiro-san↓

Hi: "what is a bird that is in a newspaper?"

Everyone thinks for a while. But, we can't get it. And then Nagata got it. Pirameki-no.

Nagata's voice in his heart↓
(Hm~ Newspaper, Newspaper...one page articles...Hm~...Oh! I got it!)

Na: "Hai! Hai! Hai!"

Hi: "Oh! Teruki!"

("one page article" is "ichimen kiji" so he took the "ichimen" and made it into a bird)

Everyone got suprised at this, and then they all started laughing, and then they all teased me...

I was drunk! I made a mistake with Ichimenchou and Shichimenchou (Turkey in Japanese)! But when I first thought of it, I thought it was definitely right...

But that night didn't end with just an embarassing story! The scale at Hiro-san's house is a scale that tells you your inner organ fat percentage, your body fat percentage, and your body's age, but I, Nagata's body age was...surprisingly!!

20 years old!(*`θ´*)

That encouraged me just as much as Maya, Miki san's words "don't give up, your skin!(`-ω・´)b".

And then last night, I got an answering machine message from Hiro-san saying "I'm worried that you might be getting bullied at the training institute" (laugh) He sounded like he was drunk.


7th-Feb-2010 02:16 pm

100 Days theatre.

This is Teruki.
Does everyone know this show called 100-nichi Gekijou (100 days theatre)? It's a show that's on, on Saturday afternoons. On that show there's this folk-duo called Akikaze Sentimental-san, who goes on these trips and they make songs as they go, but I actually, have been listening to Akikaze Sentimental-san's songs for a long time.

But yesterday my license training collided with the time that show was on, so...I called all my friends and I asked them to tape it for me. And the person who pleasantly agreed to do it for me was Shoujo Lolita 23Q's Ryosuke kun☆ Thank you, thank you m(_ _)m

Oh yeah, and when I mail Ryosuke-kun I write "Ryoukai!" instead of "ryokai!"
("ryokai" means "roger" or "understood". The original kanji is 了解, but he writes "リョヲ解" with Ryosuke-kun's "Ryou")


12th-Feb-2010 02:48 pm

Driving School Qualification Test.

This is Teruki.
I safely finished the Driving School Qualification Test at the driver's license training camp, and right now I'm on the bullet train heading back. Now all I need to do is take the written examination in Tokyo☆

But, instead of going back home now, I need to go to Chiba. The translator who helped us out during the World Tour is back in Japan right now, but he's flying back to Germany on the morning of the 14th, so I only have today to meet him.

Oh yeah, the training institute that I was at up until today (for 17 days) was a pretty nice place! I'll upload a picture of it soon.
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